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Best Fishing Charters

Kilby Lodge provides one of the best fishing charters in Fraser Valley. We are located at Harrison Mills, and we invite you to join us and enjoy the rustic scenery of the place. We have been helping anglers with our guided Sturgeon fishing tours for many years.

If you are a Sturgeon fishing enthusiast, then the Fraser River is the best place for your fishing expedition. Sturgeons are powerful fighters, and they are available year-round in the Fraser River. Chasing the Sturgeon is an incredible adventure, and we offer one of the best fishing charters in the country.

We realize that fishing enthusiasts who come to us for an adventurous fishing tour won't always have all the fishing gear needed for the expedition. Kilby Lodge provides all the fishing gear needed for our guests to enjoy their guided Sturgeon fishing tours. To catch the giant Sturgeon in the Fraser River, you will need a high-quality and robust tackle. To explore the different parts of the Fraser River, you will need a boat. We provide all these fishing gear so that you can complete a productive fishing tour.

At Kilby Lodge, we offer half days and full days of guided fishing tours. It would be 4 hours and 8 hours respectively. We also give our guests an option to stay at our newly renovated apartment-style rooms equipped with everything you need. One of our specialities is that we offer extended stays for large groups. That means, even if you want to enjoy guided fishing charters as a family or as a big group, we have the best options for you.

Families come to us and spend their weekends enjoying our guided fishing tours in the Fraser River. After the adventures trip, they also spend their time relaxing in our apartment-style rooms. Corporate groups also approach us for guided fishing tours that are used as brilliant opportunities for team building. We get overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests, which is a testimonial that we are one of the best fishing charters in BC.

Call us now at +1 (604)-316-3988 and book your guided fishing tours for the weekend.

Tips to find the best fishing charters

Research about the guide — The most important factor in fishing charters is the guide. The best fishing charters are the ones where you have the most experienced guides, who are aware of the local fishing conditions. You need to check the experience of the guides and how long they have been fishing in the local area.

Ask about the boats used — You need to ask about the kind of boats that are being used by the fishing charter. The best fishing charters will never compromise on the quality and safety of the fishing boats. Make sure you ask about the maximum capacity of the boats and about the safety measures present in the boats.

Ensure permits and licenses — Best fishing charters are those with the right paperwork. Ensure that the guides have the required licenses and the fishing charter has the permits for running fishing trips. Every province in Canada has its fishing rules and regulations; make sure the fishing charter complies with the rules.

Enquire about the price — It is not sensible to book the cheapest fishing charters. The best fishing charters are not cheap as it takes a lot of time, effort, and money in becoming the best in your industry. Ask about the cost of the fuel and the price of the fishing gears that the charter provides. Ask if that is included in the rate offered to you. Also make sure that there aren’t any hidden costs involved in the fishing trip.

Look out for reviews — It is always prudent to check out online reviews received by the fishing charter. Best fishing charters will have many positive reviews from customers. Read the reviews in detail, and they will reveal a bit more about the services provided by the fishing charter and about the experience of the guides.

Cancellation policy — Life is unpredictable, you don’t know what tomorrow has in store for you. Sometimes things may come up where you have to cancel the scheduled fishing trip. Best fishing charters have customer-friendly cancellation policies. Most of them would allow you to cancel 24 hours before the trip and get back all your money. Before booking your fishing charter, ask and be aware of the cancellation policy.