Seasonal Salmon Fishing!

Salmon fishing in BC

Salmon fishing in BC is extremely popular among fishing enthusiasts in Canada. Anglers from across BC and from other parts of Canada gather at different fishing spots in the province for salmon fishing. Kilby Lodge offers the best guided salmon fishing in BC. After an exciting day of salmon fishing, you can also stay at Kilby Lodge’s modern, apartment-style rooms that are fully equipped for all your needs.

When it comes to guided salmon fishing in BC, Kilby Lodge is one of the most popular destinations for anglers. Our owner/operator Robert Wozniakiewicz has many years of experience in guiding anglers in salmon fishing. Rob has excellent knowledge about fishing conditions in the Fraser River and he is an expert on boats. He has guided many anglers in catching salmon and received great reviews from fishing enthusiasts who come to Kilby Lodge for guided salmon fishing.

There are many spots available for salmon fishing in BC as the coast covers about 15,000 miles of shoreline. The best salmon fishing guides will be able to point out the most productive fishing spots for a successful fishing trip. Experienced guides will have a greater knowledge about the nature of the river during various seasons and the right spots where the maximum number of salmon can be found.

Fraser River is a great spot for salmon fishing in BC and is frequented by anglers from all around Canada. However, you would need a boat to explore different parts of the Fraser River to get your hands on salmon. Kilby Lodge offers boats to all our guests, so that they can reach various spots of the Fraser River, and fish plenty of salmon on their weekend trip.

Kilby Lodge offers two types of guided fishing tours in BC – half-day and full-day. We also offer extended stays in our modern, apartment-style rooms. If you are planning for an extended tour of salmon fishing in BC, then we welcome you. Large corporate groups often come to Kilby Lodge to spend their weekends. Such groups use this occasion for group building activities. After the salmon fishing trip, you can relax in the lodge and enjoy the beautiful setting sun or sit around the backyard fire pit.

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