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Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack

Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack is quite popular among anglers in Canada. Chilliwack is where fishing enthusiasts like to gather to find guides who can help in Sturgeon fishing. Kilby Lodge offers the best Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack for anglers with our experienced guides.

The owner/operator of Kilby Lodge, Robert Wozniakiewicz, has many years of experience in Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack and the Fraser River. He is passionate about teaching and guiding anglers in Sturgeon fishing. His knowledge of Sturgeon fishing makes him one of the best guides in Canada. Rob also has vast experience regarding boats and fishing conditions in Fraser River.

There are many fishing spots that are accessible from the land. But Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack requires an experienced guide as the Fraser River is mainly inaccessible because of steep shores at many places. Therefore, only a professional fishing guide can show you spots where you can do productive Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack.

It is also essential that anglers keep good quality fishing gear for their Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack. Sturgeons are enormous, and you would need heavy tackle that will help you in fishing without breaking. You would also need a boat to navigate through the different parts of the Fraser River. We at Kilby Lodge understand that not all tourists who aspire to Sturgeon fishing will have all the required gear. We provide our guests with boats and all other fishing gear that they need in their fishing expedition.

Recently, many corporate organisations have started to see fishing tours in the Fraser River as a team-building activity. Kilby Lodge provides everything required for corporate groups to enjoy their team building activities during Sturgeon fishing. Individuals and families also come to Kilby Lodge to spend their weekends with guided fishing tours. We offer full-day and half-day programs for families and other groups.

After an intense day of fishing in the Fraser River, Kilby Lodge also helps you by arranging a stay in our apartment-style rooms that are fully equipped. We specialise in setting facilities for large groups in our rooms. Corporate teams often find our arrangements encouraging their team building activities.

Kilby Lodge has many years of expertise in scheduling Sturgeon fishing in Chilliwack for tourists. Individuals, families and corporate groups planning to spend their weekends with the adventurous Sturgeon fishing can call us now and schedule their fishing trip.

We also offer salmon fishing in Chilliwack, and we help you to enjoy your weekend doing exciting fishing expeditions.