Seasonal Salmon Fishing!

Fraser Valley Salmon Fishing

Fraser Valley is perhaps the most popular fishing location in BC. Fishing enthusiasts from all over the country come to Fraser Valley for their fishing expeditions. It is a great place for salmon fishing and Kilby Lodge is one of the best fishing charters that offers Fraser Valley salmon fishing.

Anglers often come to Kilby Lodge to join our owner/operator Robert Wozniakiewicz in his salmon fishing expeditions as he is one of the best fishing guides in the country. He has spent all his life helping anglers fish the best salmon in the Fraser Valley. Rob is not only one of the best guides in the country, but he also has great knowledge about boats and fishing conditions in Fraser Valley.

Though Fraser Valley has a long coastline, not all places are good for salmon fishing, and it is here that Rob’s experience comes into play. He can point out the best places where you can have productive fishing trips, where you can find an abundance of salmon. Based on the seasons, the place where you can find plenty of salmon could vary as well. Here too, the experience of a fishing guide like Rob can help you. For a successful Fraser Valley salmon fishing, you must get the help of competent fishing guides.

Fraser valley salmon fishing from Kilby Lodge is more than just having fun with your fishing expedition. After an exciting day of fishing in Fraser Valley, you can also enjoy your evening at one of our apartment style rooms. Our rooms are equipped with everything you need to enjoy a quiet evening with your friends or family. You can sit around the backyard fire pit and have fun doing stargazing. If you wish, you can also prepare food in our full kitchen. Kilby Lodge gives a lot of preference to large corporate groups as well and many groups use our Fraser Valley salmon fishing tours for team building activities.

We realize that not everyone has all the gear for an effective Fraser Valley salmon fishing, Therefore, we provide all fishing gear needed for you to complete a successful salmon fishing weekend. We also offer complimentary kayaks and complimentary parking for your boats and cars. You need not worry about how to reach Kilby Lodge from the airport as we also offer airport transport on request. BC offers a lot of local entertainment and outdoor activities, which you can indulge in once you are in Kilby lodge for salmon fishing.

Kilby Lodge also offers Fraser Valley Sturgeon fishing for fishing enthusiasts.

You can call us at +1 (604)-316-3988 and book your Fraser Valley salmon fishing with Kilby Lodge.