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Sturgeon Fishing in BC

If you are a passionate angler, nothing could be more adventurous than catching the mighty freshwater Sturgeon. Fishing trips that target sturgeon fishing are quite popular in North America, where sturgeons are abundant. British Columbia is known for its sturgeon population, making it an excellent destination for anglers looking for their next best catch.

One of the biggest challenges for a fishing enthusiast comes from fishing the mighty sturgeons. They are huge and can be a real challenge to catch for most anglers. British Columbia is one of the best places to catch big sturgeons and you don’t need to sail to the wildest parts for sturgeon fishing in BC. Sturgeon is abundant in BC, and you can find the biggest of them in the province. It is the reason why BC is the most popular place for sturgeon fishing in Canada.

Kilby Lodge offers excellent opportunities for sturgeon fishing in BC. Our fishing tours are guided by our life-long fisherman, Robert Wozniakiewicz. When you come to Kilby Lodge for your sturgeon fishing in BC, you will be guided by Rob, our owner/operator. In BC, law stipulates that sturgeon fishing is always about catching and releasing the fish. Rob is aware of all the rules pertaining to Sturgeon fishing in BC and hence you can be sure to enjoy fishing without worrying about ending up on the wrong side of law. Moreover, he has great knowledge about boats and about fishing conditions in BC. He can guide you to the best places in BC where you can find the abundance of sturgeon.

There are many guidelines available on sturgeon fishing in BC. Rest assured, Kilby Lodge follows all BC fishing regulations including catch and release of White sturgeon. While fishing sturgeon, you must release the hook quickly and gently, without harming the sturgeon. If you want to take photographs, you must be prepared to do it as soon as you have caught the sturgeon. Make sure that the sturgeon is in the water while you take the photograph. You are not supposed to hug or squeeze the sturgeon tightly as it can cause harm to the big fish. Also, you must let the sturgeon go when it struggles to swim.

Being one of the best fishing charters, Kilby Lodge provides you with all the fishing gear needed for your perfect experience of sturgeon fishing in BC. After an intense day of fishing, you can relax in our apartment-style rooms.

Why not plan your next weekend at Kilby Lodge and try your hand at sturgeon fishing?