Seasonal Salmon Fishing!

Salmon Fishing in Chilliwack

Chilliwack is a popular destination for salmon fishing throughout the year. Anglers from all over the country come for salmon fishing in Chilliwack. You can find many fishing spots in Chilliwack where you can find plenty of salmon. And the most amazing fact is that all year round you can find plenty of salmon in Chilliwack.

Kilby Lodge is one of the best fishing charters for salmon fishing in Chilliwack. Our owner/operator Robert Wozniakiewicz is perhaps the best fishing guide in BC, and he has many years of experience in guiding anglers in salmon fishing. Rob has excellent knowledge about various unexplored spots in Chilliwack for salmon fishing. He can guide you in experiencing the best salmon fishing in Chilliwack. Moreover, Rob is an expert in fishing conditions in Chilliwack and has great knowledge about boats.

While recreational salmon fishing in the Lower Mainland, you must follow certain rules. As Chilliwack is situated in Region 2 in the British Columbia freshwater fishing regulations, you can only do salmon fishing in Chilliwack during daylight hours. Also, no fishing is allowed within 100 meters of any government facility that is meant for counting, passing, or rearing fish. We at Kilby Lodge make sure that our salmon fishing expedition follows all government regulations.

The city of Chilliwack partners with many government organizations and non-profit groups to maintain and protect salmon habitat. We realize the importance of maintaining salmon habitats and our fishing tours are designed in such a way as to not harm these efforts in any way. Kilby Lodge offers all our guests the proper fishing gear and fishing information to ensure they comply with all the regulations regarding legal salmon fishing in Chilliwack.

After an exciting day of salmon fishing in Chilliwack, you can relax at one of our three newly renovated, modern apartment style rooms. All our rooms are fully equipped with everything you need. We specialize in large groups and hence corporate groups often come to Kilby Lodge to spend their weekends fishing in Chilliwack.

You can also sit and relax around the backyard fire pit and enjoy stargazing. Around Kilby Lodge, you can also find many amenities that you can enjoy with your friends or family. There is a lot to explore in Chilliwack and a weekend spent at Kilby Lodge is an excellent occasion to do it.

You can book for salmon fishing in Chilliwack by calling us at (604)-316-3988.