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Fishing in Hope, BC

Fishing in Hope, BC, is an exciting prospect for anglers as different fish species are found in abundance in the region. Visitors from different parts of the world come with anticipation for fishing in Hope, BC. A large number of Sturgeons are found in the region and the high probability of fishing a few big ones makes Hope, BC, a perfect place for fishing.

Kilby Lodge offers guided Sturgeon fishing in Hope, BC. Robert Wozniakiewicz, the owner/operator of Kilby Lodge, has many years of experience in guided fishing tours in Hope, BC. His passion for teaching and guiding anglers in fishing Sturgeons has got many positive reviews from clients. Rob’s knowledge of boats and the Fraser River makes him one of the best guides for Sturgeon fishing in BC.

Sturgeon fishing needs high-quality fishing gear as the Sturgeons are generally huge and powerful. At Kilby Lodge, we understand that tourists aren’t often equipped with such high-quality fishing gear. Therefore, we provide them with all the fishing gear they need. Our service also provides boats for the fishing expedition in Hope, British Columbia.

Fishing in the remote parts of the Fraser River requires a boat. Tourists from different parts of Canada and the world don’t often have boats to accomplish their fishing expedition in Hope, BC. That makes it essential for tourists and anglers to find a guided fishing tour provider who offers boats. Once you have the boat, you can freely get along with your fishing sitting in the comfort of your boat. Kilby Lodge makes sure that our guests are provided with the best of boats to enjoy their fishing weekend.

Fishing in Hope, BC, is an exciting adventure sport you can undertake as individuals and as a team. Corporate groups can take on the sport as a team-building activity. Kilby Lodge provides all the needed facilities for families and corporate groups to indulge in Sturgeon fishing in Hope, BC.

Kilby Lodge has many years of experience providing excellent service to tourists in their fishing in Hope, BC. We offer half-day and full-day packages for anglers, with all the fishing gear and boat needed for the adventure. Our guides will help you catch Sturgeons in the Fraser River. If you plan to spend your next weekend fishing the biggest Sturgeons, call us now and book your place.