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Fraser Valley Sturgeon Fishing

Kilby Lodge offers the best Fraser Valley Sturgeon fishing. Our guided fishing tour will give you an enthralling experience in the scenic Fraser Valley. We are located in the historic Harrison Mills and offer an all equipped, guided fishing expedition for our guests.

Our owner/operator Robert Wozniakiewicz is one of the best sturgeon fishing guides in BC. He has fished all his life and has excellent knowledge about boats and water conditions in the Fraser River. Rob also has a current Marine First-aid certificate. He is passionate about teaching and guiding guests in Fraser Valley Sturgeon fishing.

Sturgeons are large in size, and anglers require high-quality, strong rod and tackle to catch them. We understand that visitors who want to enjoy their weekend fishing in the Fraser Valley may not have the required fishing gears with them. At Kilby Lodge, we ensure that all our guests are given quality fishing gear to complete their fishing expedition successfully.

Fraser Valley is a great place to experience the remarkable man versus nature battle in fishing. All along the Fraser River, you can find many Sturgeons, making it an excellent place for Sturgeon fishing. But many fishing spots in the Fraser Valley have steep shores that make them inaccessible for fishing. Our expert guides have excellent knowledge about Fraser Valley and about fishing spots that are accessible. We also provide our guests with boats that are essential for fishing in the remote locations of the Fraser River.

Fraser Valley Sturgeon fishing is undoubtedly an exciting endeavour. After a hectic day of Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser Valley, Kilby Lodge offers stay facilities for our guests. Many apartment-style rooms are made available for guests to relax and enjoy their weekend. Our rooms are equipped with everything you need to spend your rest time serenely. Kilby Lodge specializes in extended stays for large groups. Not only individuals and families but large corporate groups also make use of Kilby Lodge and our guided fishing tours as team building activities.

Our rooms are equipped with beds, flat-screen LED TVs, bathtubs, showers and gas fireplaces. In our full kitchen, you can prepare your meals, if you so wish. We also provide complimentary Wi-Fi, vehicle parking and boat parking. Complimentary kayaks are also available on request.

Kilby Lodge has been providing excellent guided Fraser Valley Sturgeon fishing for many years. Reviews from our satisfied customer are testimonials of our superb service. If you are looking to spend your weekend with our guided fishing tours, call us now and book your place.