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Fraser River Canada Sturgeon

The Fraser River is the largest and most productive watershed in British Columbia, Canada. It is home to several wildlife species including the threatened Canadian sturgeon. The species has suffered from overfishing, habitat loss, and pollution but has made a comeback since the 1990s.

The unique fish has been protected by law and thanks to conservation efforts, adult sturgeon can now be found in all reaches of the Fraser River in Canada.

Sturgeons are an ancient species that have survived for over 150 million years. Sturgeons live in freshwater rivers, lakes and coastal areas and are important for the ecosystem because they consume large amounts of aquatic insects, algae, and small crustaceans. They are also a food source for many animals, including fish, birds, and marine mammals.

In the Fraser River, Canada, Sturgeon fishing is best done in the lower portion of the river. This is where sturgeons are most commonly found.

The best time to fish for sturgeon in the lower Fraser River in Canada is from October to April. During this time, sturgeons are spawning in the river. If you want to catch these large sturgeons, you’ll need a BC fishing license, which Kilby Lodge has.

In the Fraser River, Canada, Sturgeon fishing can be done with a variety of different equipment. If you are looking to use a rod and reel, you’ll need a rod between 10 and 12 feet long. If you are using a gaff, you’ll need a long pole with a long, wooden handle.

You’ll also need to have a gaff hook with you. There are many different kinds of nets that can be used for sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River in Canada. Kilby Lodge provides you with all the fishing gear needed for effective Sturgeon fishing.

When fishing for sturgeon in the Fraser River, Canada, it is important to be careful with your gear and the river itself. Be sure that your gear isn’t too heavy for you to handle. Also, make sure to check the water conditions before you go out. Guided fishing tour with our owner/operator Rob would make sure that all these safety needs are taken care of.

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