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How difficult is it to catch a Sturgeon?

As Sturgeon fishing continues to get more popular, we often get asked how difficult it is to catch a Sturgeon. Our answer is that it depends on who you fish with! Kilby Lodge has been guiding fishing trips in Fraser River, BC for many years. With our experience, passion, and top-quality equipment, we specialize in helping you catch bigger fish.

Did you know that sturgeons are North-America's largest freshwater fish? Sturgeons are a slow-growing and long-living fish whose appearance has remained relatively unchanged for around 175 million years! Their body is covered with large bone plates instead of scales, which gives them an ancient-looking appearance. Combined with the fact that they can grow to the length of a small school bus, Sturgeons have become a highly sought after prized game fish.

The main reason Sturgeon fishing can be so difficult is due to their size. In the lower Fraser River, the White Sturgeon can be massive, reaching 6 metres in length and weighing more than 800 kilograms (1763.7 lbs). Sturgeons who reach this size may be more than 100 years old!

Typically, Sturgeons are non-aggressive towards humans. Interestingly, they have no teeth and feed by sucking prey through their vacuum-like mouths. Another reason that can make Sturgeon fishing difficult is that they are known for moving quickly and erratically. This can make them quite active, and they occasionally leap from the water once they’re hooked. This can make the process of reeling them quite long and challenging.

Since Sturgeon fishing can be difficult due to their size and vigour, it’s very important to book your fishing trip with a company that has lots of experience and experience. Not only that, but the proper equipment is vastly important since Sturgeons can get so big in size. Simply put, the better equipment you have, the easier the fishing process can be.

At Kilby’s, we offer spectacular fishing tours on a Thunder Jet 22 ft. boat guided by one of British Columbia’s most experienced operators, Robert Wozniakiewicz. Having fished all his life, Robert is very passionate about fishing, guiding, and teaching.

Since Sturgeon fishing can be so difficult, it is important that lots of safety precautions are in place. We have a great safety record, and Rob has an up-to-date Marine First-Aid certificate.

With a great safety record and the best extreme angling gear on the market today, Kilby Lodge has everything you need to land a monster Sturgeon, plus the know-how to do so! Whether you are completely new to fishing or are an experienced angler, we will accommodate you with everything you need for a successful catch.

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