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Huge Sturgeon Fishing

Kilby Lodge offers guided Sturgeon fishing tours in Fraser Valley. With many years of experience helping anglers catch huge Sturgeon in the Fraser River, we have made a name for ourselves among fishing enthusiasts. If you want to try your hands at fishing Sturgeons for your next weekend, we invite you to visit Kilby Lodge.

Robert Wozniakiewicz, the owner/operator of Kilby Lodge, is one of Canada's best Sturgeon fishing guides. He has spent all his life fishing huge Sturgeons in the Fraser River, guiding novice and experienced anglers in catching the big fish. Rob has all knowledge in the world about boats and fishing conditions in the Fraser River. He is passionate about guiding guests in creating unforgettable memories catching the huge Sturgeons.

If you wish to fish huge sturgeons in the Fraser River, you need to use heavy and high-quality tackle. We realize that not all our guests are not equipped with such fishing gear, and hence we provide everything you need for successful Sturgeon fishing. You may need to navigate the Fraser River in a boat to reach some of the best fishing spots. We also provide you with boats that are required to navigate the river.

After your adventurous expedition in catching the huge Sturgeons, you can also relax at our newly renovated, modern, apartment-style rooms. All our rooms are equipped with everything needed for you and your family. Even if you are a large group and looking for extended stays, we have all you need.

From queen size beds, LED TV and a fireplace to a full kitchen for your family, we have you covered. Kilby Lodge also offers complimentary WIFI, complimentary parking and on-request air transport. We offer full-day and half-day options for our guests to stay in our rooms. You can spend your evenings stargazing and strolling through the beach.

It is not only individuals and families, but large corporate groups also come to Kilby Lodge to spend their weekend doing huge Sturgeon fishing. They see it as an opportunity for team building activities. We provide these corporate groups everything they need to spend their weekend effectively.

If you plan to spend your next weekend doing huge Sturgeon fishing, call us now at +1 (604)-316-3988 and book your place.