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River Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing is a popular weekend sport in Canada, and people from all over the country come for Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River. Kilby Lodge is one of the best fishing charters in Canada and offers to stay at the renovated, three modern apartment-style rooms. When you join Kilby Lodge for Fraser River Sturgeon fishing, we provide all the fishing gear needed for a successful fishing tour in the Fraser River.

Our owner/operator Robert Wozniakiewicz is one of the most experienced Sturgeon fishing guides in Canada. He believes in creating unforgettable memories for the guests in Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River. Rob also has extensive knowledge about boats and the fishing conditions in the Fraser River.

Kilby Lodge accommodates experienced anglers as well as those who want to learn the art of Sturgeon fishing. We guide you in catching giant Sturgeon, salmon and trout in the Fraser, Chehalis and Harrison rivers. In addition to Fraser River Sturgeon fishing, we also offer complimentary kayaking opportunities for our guests.

It is not easy to catch huge Sturgeons with ordinary fishing gears, and you need a high-quality and robust tackle. We realize that not all guests would have such good fishing gear for their successful fishing expedition. Hence, we provide our guests with all the fishing gear needed.

You would also need boats to explore different parts of the Fraser River for Sturgeon fishing. Kilby Lodge provides boats to all our guests to move in the Fraser River and catch their Sturgeons. With the quality of Sturgeon fishing tours we provide, people from outside Canada also come to Kilby Lodge for their Fraser River Sturgeon fishing tours.

Kilby Lodge offers half-day and full-day guided Sturgeon fishing tours in the Fraser River. We also specialize in extended fishing stays in our rooms, and so if you are planning for extended Sturgeon fishing tours in the Fraser River, we welcome you. Large groups also come to Kilby Lodge to spend their weekends Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River, mainly as a team-building activity. After the fishing expedition, you can relax at our lodge, enjoying the beautiful vision of the setting sun. You can also spend your evenings walking through the beaches or sitting around the backyard fire pit.

For booking your Fraser River Sturgeon fishing tours, call us now at +1 (604)-316-3988. and book your place.