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Why is BC the best place for Sturgeon fishing?

If you’re interested in Sturgeon fishing, or fishing in general and happen to live in BC, consider yourself a very lucky person! BC is one of the best places for Sturgeon fishing and at Kilby Lodge, we can’t wait to show you why this is the case.

Sturgeon are one of the largest freshwater fish on the continent, making the fishing experience quite intense and thrilling, as it requires a great amount of strength and battle. In BC, Sturgeon are revered and protected, so all the fishing is catch and release. You can find both White and Green Sturgeon living in the waters of BC, but you’ll fish exclusively for White Sturgeon, as Green Sturgeon are now considered endangered.

You may be surprised to know that Sturgeons are known for making the world’s best caviar from their eggs. What makes them even more desired is the fact that they’re very rare as they only spawn once every decade.

In BC, White Sturgeon are the star of the show. Their appearance and size haven’t changed for millions of years. They can be anywhere from 4-10 feet long, with their weight being around 50-250 pounds. There have even been instances in the Fraser River where Sturgeon have been as big as 1,000 pounds!

This ancient fish can live up to 100 years, which is considered a very long lifespan for a fish. They can move back and forth from freshwater to saltwater, though usually the Sturgeon in BC stay in the freshwater rivers. This enables Sturgeon fishing to be offered all year round, although different parts of the river have different seasons, so you would benefit from talking to a guide before your trip!

BC is rich with freshwaters so there are several rivers to find Sturgeon. The Kootenay, Columbia, Nechako, and Fraser Rivers, however you can only target this fish on the Fraser River. Thanks to the protective regulations, Fraser River’s Sturgeon remain strong and thriving! This allows for exhilarating recreational fishing all year.

White Sturgeon are mostly bottom dwellers, so they like deeper and darker water. This is why there are so many of these ancient fish along the bottom of the Fraser River.

When you decide to go Sturgeon fishing in BC, it’s important to book with a company with guides who are highly experienced and have the proper gear to reel in these massive beasts. At Kilby Lodge, we offer spectacular tours on a Thunder Jet 22 ft boat, guided by one of BC’s most experienced operators, Robert Wozniakiewicz. Having fished all his life, Rob has the passion when it comes to teaching and guiding you through one of the hardest catches you’ll probably ever experience.

Whether you’re wanting to learn how to fish or are an experienced veteran, Kilby Lodge will help you create unforgettable memories of catching these beautiful creatures in the beautiful waters of BC. Not only will you experience the thrill of fishing ancient Sturgeon, but you can also enjoy complimentary kayaking on the same rivers, as well as some other close remote lakes.

Whether you’re looking to get your hands on a prehistoric fish, spend time with your family, or entertain your clients, Sturgeon fishing in BC on the Fraser River is a one-of-a-kind experience! Kilby Lodge has passionate and experienced guides, sophisticated gear, and custom jet boats. Book a stay at Kilby Lodge and enjoy a fun and victorious outing.