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What do I need for Sturgeon fishing?


If you’re wanting to go on an experience of a lifetime to fish ancient fish such as sturgeons, you'll definitely need to be prepared.

Firstly, there are only a few places in North America where you can target these beasts, and if you’re currently reading this from British Columbia, lucky for you, because BC is at the top of the list!

After figuring out the best location to fish, you’ll need to figure out what kind of equipment you’ll be needing because these fish are no joke.

You may or may not know that sturgeons can weigh upwards of a whopping 1,000 pounds. Because of this, sturgeon fishing requires a lot more forward thinking and planning than what you may be used to.

Your fishing equipment will be of utmost importance if you want to be bragging about the sturgeon you caught! Where do you even begin?

Here are some of the items that you would need for a successful sturgeon fishing in BC.

  • Use tackle that is suitable for landing a fish that weighs 100 pounds (or more)
  • Large landing net
  • Gloves (sturgeons can have razor-sharp projections/scutes)
  • Pliers to remove hooks from fish
  • Device to accurately measure the length of the fish
  • Wet towel to place over the fish’s head when measuring
  • Pen and pad of paper to record numbers
  • Bait
  • Fishing boat

When you’re going after a huge sturgeon, fishing on your own can be a bit tricky - and dangerous.

Handling a 6’ White Sturgeon is serious business, and it’s highly recommended that you have extensive experience in sturgeon fishing before you commit to doing the journey on your own.

If all this information and equipment sounds intimidating to you, another great option would be to go with a trained guide, such as the trips that are offered from Kilby Lodge.

At Kilby’s, we offer spectacular fishing tours on a Thunder Jet 22 ft boat guided by one of BC’s highly experienced owners/operators, Robert Wozniakiewicz.

His passion for fishing coupled with his extensive knowledge of boats and water conditions makes for an enjoyable experience. This means that you won’t have to worry about the equipment and what spots to hit up, as Robert will be leading the way with his vast expertise.

Not only that, but at Kilby Lodge you’ll be staying in a cozy lodge where we offer complimentary kayaking, as well other amenities such as paragliding, checking out the new suspension bridge, playing a game of golf, and more.

We’ve made it our mission to make the intimidating activity of sturgeon fishing to be an enjoyable and exciting experience where you come out with a catch, guaranteed without all the hassle and worries.

Check out our sturgeon fishing and salmon fishing trips where we offer different packages ranging from 8-4 hours. We can fit up to 5 people per trip and with each ride the gear and bait will be provided for you!